Some interesting facts to know about Microsoft Windows.

Hello every one, here I am going to share some exciting facts about Microsoft Windows. In those, I am going to explain every thing you all need to know and some historical facts about the windows. Windows is one of the popular Operating systems for computers, and as well as for mobile phones, mobile users maybe not use the Windows OS. Still, it’s more famous and favorite of many peoples for the computer. So stay tuned with the post to get to know exciting facts about the windows operating system.

Here are some interesting facts about Windows.

#1. Founder.

As we all know, the founder of Microsoft Windows is Bill Gates. He announced the windows on November 10, 1983. And then it becomes popular in the world and peoples are still using it and loving Microsoft Windows too.

#2. Users in the world.

Windows have nearly about more than 70% of users in the overall world, and the users are unstable means as the population is increasing, peoples are moving towards the windows.

#3. Every new starter uses windows.

As per the research, everyone who is starting to learn or use the computer is default chosen the windows OS. And then other operating systems can be learned, but the first place is to windows.

#4. Easy GUI.

Windows provides the Graphical user interface, which is easy to understand, and we can operate the windows Operating System smoothly. There is nothing new to learn about in a sense, We can learn to handle windows easily.

#5. Coaching are taken to teach windows.

In some areas where small children want to learn a computer, so their coaching are held to teach the windows operating system to the new kids and someone new to the network.

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#6. Earning

When we talk about the earning of the windows, we can imagine from the founder itself, that it is the richest man in the world than how much money the windows can make? What you think, how much Microsoft windows earns a year? So as per some websites, Microsoft windows earn nearly 40$ billion.

So friends here were some interesting facts about Microsoft Windows, and I hope you all like it. So share it with your friends, and please don’t forget to comment below. Have a good day. Thank you.

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