Some interesting facts about Google

Hello, everyone, here I am going to share some interesting facts about Google, You will get to know lots of things about google here, and you will be shocked by getting those facts known. Google is one of the most popular search engines used in the world, and the whole world is taking benefit from it by getting the results of whatever their question is. Google also employs peoples who deserve to work for it. So read the post carefully because you are getting to know all the things you needed to know about google. 

Some interesting facts about google.

  1. The name google was discovered from the mathematical term googol. 
  2.  Google rents the goats to mow its green lawn to look more beautiful to the Google HQ.
  3.  Due to the google instant, we don’t need to click on I’m feeling lucky button instead of direct search. Because google instant allows us to search whatever we want to search as fast as possible and gives us the best result.
  4. Now from 2010, google is purchasing or acquiring the most famous companies like Android, Youtube, Waze, etc.
  5. The first computer storage was created with legos.
  6. Google search engine is the most powerful tool with its crawler, which searches for the exact result of the search.
  7. Google is also the owner of the android operating system, which is one of the most selling brands in the world.
  8. Google is banned in China. Means the Chinese peoples can not use google to search anything they have their own search engine.
  9. is the mirror version of the google that means when we search we will see everything reversed. It is the rotated version of google, kind of the google trick.
  10. Google was selling itself to online company excite in 1999, but the CEO of the company rejected the offer

So friends, here were the common facts about the google you all should be needed to know. I hope you all get this and don’t forget to share it with your friends who need it. And must comment for any question, query, and for any suggestion. Thank you have a good day.

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