China's tech market

Some interesting facts about China’s tech market

Hello, everyone, I am back again with my new post on the technology facts about china. I mean to say that the impressive facts about China’s tech market. So without wasting your time, I want to introduce you to the demand of China, which has such a fantastic world record in the technology market. So here are some facts about china’s tech market.

Some interesting facts about China’s tech market.

#1. Everything is huge.

Yes, as you can read the first fact, everything is huge in their tech market. Recently Alibaba purchased the same amount of server as Brazil.

#2. China’s mobile phones.

China’s mobile phones are also one of the most selling cellphones all over the world, and they have lots of costumers who buy phones. China has the costumers to their tech market like India, the USA, UK, Japan, etc.

#3. China’s supercomputer.

China has now one of the worlds fastest supercomputer, Tianhe-1A is one of the most fastest supercomputer china have. And China has one of the largest markets of computers too. 

#4. Young in technology.

China has more than 70% of peoples who worked in the business or company related to technology, so you can guess how much market can be grown in technology. Everyone from them works daily in the technology market, and the technology keeps growing.

#5. Internet.

China has 24 million peoples addicted to the internet, and more than 800 million peoples use the internet daily. So you can guess how much money they pay for the internet per day. 

#6. Online stores.

China’s online stores also have a huge market in china’s tech market. Means more than 600 million peoples use the online store to purchase the things online, so online stores also have the greatest market.

So friends, here were some facts about the china’s tech market. I hope you all like it and understand it too. Share with your friends and must comment if you have any questions and also for the suggestion. Thank you have a good day.

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